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California Buckwheat

Eriogonum fasciculatum

3-6' tall / 3-6' wide


California Buckwheat is medium to large shrub with deep green, small, pointed
leaves that are reminiscent of rosemary. This plant grows very well with supplemental water, so long as it gets the drainage, it needs this plant can be found all across southern California, and even higher. Locations include slopes, flat areas, Road sides, and disturbed areas. This plant seeds readily and roots where the branches fall. The trunk becomes thick and gnarled over time. The flowers are cream and white, look like lollipops, and emerge in late summer. The flowers attracts the most interesting bees, wasps and most random insects you've ever

In the garden, this plant is used as a evergreen backbone shrub, on slopes, and as a pollinator plant. Definitely give it some extra water, if you want it to stay greener and bloom longer. However, if you have that area, that is bone, dry, rocky, and nothing else will grow. Definitely throw a few buckwheat there and give it some hand watering. You OK I love you so much. Love you both so much. Do you wanna fight fight for you? I will it at five to save you love you boy will be amazed at is resiliency. You can hedge trim this plant as often as you like and as low to the ground as you like. The lower you hedge trim it, the fresher the growth will look.

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