Drought Tolerance

With so much awareness about Southern California's dry climate and lack of rainfall, homeowners are really concerned about planting the most drought tolerant plants there are. We use native plants, which have adapted to California's hot, dry climate for thousands of years. They are used to little water, and in many cases even prefer it!


Habitat Gardens

Have you heard? There is a housing shortage in California! Birds and pollinators live and eat off of native vegetation. Installing a natural garden can provide necessary resources for our fellow earth inhabitants that seem to be dwindling away.


Water Harvesting

Water is life. This precious resource is becoming less prevalent and more expensive as the days pass. Bioswales will take your excess of rainwater and slow it down so it absorbs into the ground, rather than being sent to the street and ocean. The more water that absorbs into your ground, the less you have to use. The plants will also be able to go longer without being watered.


Weed Suppression

Weeds are a massive problem for every garden owner. Weeds love damaged, bare soil. Our strategy is to cover the ground in native plants with mulch in-between. This gives you the pretty plants you love and makes less room for the ones you don't.


Slope Stabilization

Odds are, if you live in California, you probably have one of these pesky slopes on your property that you have no idea what to do with. Most are left bare or are covered in shallowed rooted ice plant. Yet take a drive through natural California and you'll see slopes completely dominated by native vegetation. Using these plants at home is a no brainer. They stabilize banks, provide habitat for birds, smell amazing and can be bursting with color!


Privacy & Security

Many people think a fence is the only line of defense or privacy from the outside world. However, having plants creates a tougher barrier and can even offer more privacy! Fences say, "there is something back here." Bushes say, "nothing to see here! Oh wait, a bird!" Pair some screening hedges with a couple thorny plants and you have yourself a perfect privacy barrier. These screens are more beautiful than fading wood and they provide habitat for birds!


Fire Resistance

There is a massive misconception amongst Californians. We see wild fires quite often, so we assume that wild California plants are very flammable. What isn't portrayed through the news is the fact that most fires are fueled by non-native invasive annual grasses that act as fuel. Having tall shrubs are actually strong barriers against fire because they smolder rather than ignite. This provides more time for fire fighters to respond. 


Edible & Medicinals

We believe that natural gardens should include plants that you can care for that provide food and medicine for your daily life. We work closely with One Well Garden to install edible gardens through a holistic permaculture design perspective. There are also many California native plants that provide edible fruits and medicinal herbs.