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Lanceleaf Dudleya

Dudleya lanceolata

<1' tall / 1' wide


Lanceleaf Dudleya is a small, evergreen succulent that grows moderate. It is a more rare succulent than the Chalk Dudleya. It can also be found on steep slopes, just in more isolated areas along the coast in San Diego, but more inland the closer you get to Los Angeles. The leaves are a more deep green, gray and blue. Some have a purple tinge. The flowers are a charming, reddish orange to yellow.

In the garden, this plant likes a bit more water and some afternoon shade. It can tolerate full sun, but does like that extra water. If it doesn’t get water, it will likely go dormant or just die. Definitely harder to grow than the Chalk Dudleyas, but still worth a try. Loved by CA native plant enthusiast and collectors.

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