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Restoring California (Natural Landscaping and Garden Design) is a small, family-owned & operated business located in North County San Diego. The business was born in 2016, through a desire to make a living doing what we love most, which is transforming conventional landscapes into sustainable, natural native gardens.


Our love for native landscaping started in 2015, when we convinced our parents to apply for the WaterWise - SoCal WaterSmart Turf Replacement Program. The hope was to create a small habitat garden that would attract birds and pollinators to our vegetable garden. Our parents were not too thrilled, until they learned that we would earn $5,000 for removing our lawn and converting it into a drought tolerant landscape. 

What started off as a fun project, transformed into a livelihood and a passion for creating small places of refuge for all of California's diverse residents. To this day, we not only continue to perfect our original native garden, but we also help homeowners who desire to have a native habitat garden, but may not have the means or know how.

If you've considered replacing your lawn or dated landscape into a thriving, drought tolerant, natural garden.. then give us a call today and ask us if our service is right for you!




The preservation of life is a core value that drives our company. We want to provide people with places to gather or retreat from the woes of modern life. We also hope to have a minimal impact with the resources we use. If possible, we strive to produce more resources than we consume.


Since our overall focus is life supporting systems, we ensure that our designs are constructed with this primary value from start to finish. Having a yard is an opportunity to improve your life and give to others. Sadly, most yards are not designed with this in mind. We feel a desire to show why natural gardens are the best way of doing this.


 Our speciality is taking average, conventional yards and transforming them into charming, life supporting natural gardens where people can relax and spend time appreciating the small things while contemplating the bigger questions of life itself..


Natural materials don't just create an aesthetic feel, they also tell a story. When you see a reclaimed piece of wood, you see history. You see an opportunity to take something that would end up in the landfill, yet is transformed into a feature that gives you the feel. We value products that are natural, made of renewable resources, and are recyclable or biodegradable. We want to create a space that is safe, warm, inviting, and nurturing. We believe natural resources provide that best of all, so we design our gardens with those values as a foundation.



True Heritage





Renewable Resources


Inviting Environment

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