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Golden Aster ‘San Bruno Mt.’

Heterotheca sessiliflora var. bolanderi

1' tall / 1-2' wide


Golden Aster San Bruno is a small, flat growing perennial ground cover with medium green leaves that have fuzzy little hairs on them. The grow is moderate to fast. The flowers are yellow and flat daisy like. Quite a rare plant, its not likely you will find it growing on a hike unless you’re on the coast or certain mountains ranges.

In the garden, this plant is used to fill in space and mix with other perennial shrubs. Also used as a small scale ground cover under your favorite erect shrub like Manzanita, Lilac or Mountain Mahogany. Not a common plant in the nursery trade. Another plant that may act similar, but is a bit larger, would be Grindelia stricta var venulosa.

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