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Shaw's Agave

Agave shawii

3' tall / 3' wide


Shaw’s Agave is a medium to large growing, evergreen agave that grows moderate to slow. The leaves are deep green with a blue gray tinge. The teeth on this plant leave a very cool design on the leaves. The tips of this plant can have hints of pink, yellow and purple. Once its established, it does grow in a giant cluster by producing numerous pups at the base of the plant. These grow in a small isolated area along the coast in San Diego County. They like coastal conditions but can handle some drought as well.

In the garden, this plant is collected by CA native plant enthusiast. It is a very rare plant, so it has not been widely adopted. I think its a bit hard to maintain and dispose of when it gets large. Each agave head is quite heavy. Can be used in a rock garden, but truly is more of a collectors item.

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