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Coastal Gum Plant

Grindelia stricta var. venulosa

1' tall / 5-7' wide


Coastal Gum Plant is a low groundcover with succulent leaves that are medium green. This plant is a coastal plant, so it does like some extra water. The more water it gets, the faster it will grow, and the more lush it will look. The flowers are daisy-like and medium yellow.

In the garden, this plant is used as a slope stabilizer, a groundcover, and along pathways for a consistent, green, lush look with a pop of color.

I would consider it to be the CA-native equivalent to ice plant. Just give it some water and it will grow & spread.

Deadheading this in the late summer will make it look its best. You can also trim it any time of year with some simple hand pruners.

This plant is very easy to propagate: just cut and stick it in some water or even in the ground if it stays moist. This plant does root as it grows.

This is a very underrated plant that I believe should and will be used more often.

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