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Laurel Sumac

Malosma laurina

10-20' tall / 20' wide


Laurel Sumac is a large, multi-trunked, evergreen shrub with reddish green tinge that is easy to grow, in well draining soils, in low water conditions. Very fast growth rate, especially with moderate to high water. Often the only green shrub on a hillside in the middle of summer, when everything else goes dormant. Too much water will cause these to grow abnormally fast, which can cause them to topple over. Has large, smooth, long leaves with greenish-red tinge and a sweet chaparral smell. The plant will grow back from the base if burned or cut to the ground, can be hard to kill. Drops a good amount of leaf litter.

In the garden, Laurel Sumac can be used as a privacy screen and slope stabilizer. Best to keep these trimmed often to encourage trunk density rather than lateral growth. Allow it to get drought stressed as well to promote a more stable plant.

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