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Lemonade Berry

Rhus integrifolia

15-25' tall / 15-20' wide


Lemonade Berry is a medium to large, multi-trunked, evergreen shrub that is easy to grow, in well draining soils, in both high and low water conditions. Fast to moderate growth rate with moderate water.

In the garden, Lemonade Berry can be used as a privacy screen, slope stabilizer or foundational evergreen backdrop that takes really well to sheering. If strategically shaped and consistently pruned, Lemonade Berry can be used as a small tree specimen. Take note that it does have sticky fruit droppings. Provide proper spacing!

Low branches should be trimmed to produce upright, tree like shape. Intersecting branches are common, so clear out the center of plant. Tools should be cleaned after pruning, as these plants leave a sticky residual substance. Not suitable for the wood chipper.

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