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Summer Holly

Comarostaphylis diversifolia

10-20' tall / 5-15' wide


Summer Holly is a medium to large, evergreen shrub that is rare and difficult to grow. The leaves of Summer Holly vary greatly.. Some can be found with a leaf reminiscent of Toyon, just flatter, less leathery, more wrinkly and more translucent rather than deep green. Some other specimens can be found with leaves reminiscent of Mission Manzanita, which are more cupped, smooth and deep green. The bark is a beautiful brown.

In the garden, Summer Holly makes a great narrow shrub that offers year round beauty, if you can find the perfect spot for it. Ive killed most of mine, but one was doing really well in Poway, growing near a house wall while facing West. It had plenty of water and moisture, while still having great drainage. I think the key was shade from morning til about mid day. Though, I think it would have done well with some morning sun and mid-day shade.

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