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Heteromeles arbutifolia

10-20' tall / 10-15' wide


Toyon is a large, multi-trunked, evergreen shrub that is easy to grow, in well draining soil conditions, with both high or low water conditions. Fast to moderate growth rate. The leaves are a deep green and this shrub stays evergreen all year long, even in drought. The flowers emerge in Spring, which then transform into charming red berries during the Winter. Cedar Wax Wing birds will flock to Toyon for their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the garden, Toyon can be used as a privacy screen, slope stabilizer or foundational evergreen backdrop. If shaped and consistently pruned, Toyon can be used as a specimen, small tree. Just be sure to consistently trim the suckers that emerge from the base. Toyon is prone to fire-blight, so be sure to clean your tools before and after trimmings.

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