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Bush Poppy

Dendromecon rigida


Bush Poppy is a medium to large shrub that is evergreen and has large, pointed, gray leaves that are not sharp. This plant shoots in many sucks from one main basal bur (which is like a trunk that stays low to the ground). These plants are very rare in the wild and they are often found growing in pretty harsh conditions, such as full sun on a steep slope in decompose granite. It loves excellent drainage and not too much organic matter. The flowers are a large, vibrant yellow and attracts all sorts of neat bees and even spiders that camouflage with the flower.. waiting to sneak up on an inspecting insect.

In the garden, this plant is as rare as it is in the wild. Everyone wants one, and the nurseries have trouble growing them and keeping them in stock. Sort of similar to Willey Blue Cross. Despite not loving a lot of water, it tends to take a good amount in it's youth, but best to wean off as it matures. Plant this in the background so it can grow large and provide a nice silvery backdrop. Mix and match with other profuse bloomers such as lilac, Woollyblue curl, monkey flower, Baja fairy duster, etc. Best to hand prune this plant and not too severely.

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