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Coyote Bush

Baccharis pilularis


Coyote Bush is a medium, mounding or upright, evergreen shrub that is very easy to grow, in disturbed soils, with low to high water conditions. Fast growth rate. Has hundreds of small, slightly toothed, light green leaves. This plant can be considered a nuisance due to its excessive, wind dispersed seeds that cover the landscape in December, followed by dozens of sprout-lings that are pretty tough to pull out. If left unchecked, you will have dozens of new plants popping up in places that are hard to remove. If you can, find a male version of this plant, to ensure your patio won’t be a fuzzy farm.

In the garden, this plant is not used very often. It can be used as a slope stabilizer and a pioneer plant. However, it is more for the native plant lover. However, if you need a super quick screen or hedge, this will do perfect. Just make sure to hedge trim it off (every month or so). This plant grows fast and that means more maintenance. This could also be used as a specimen/bonsai. Again, just be sure to provide monthly maintenance on this plant, so that the suckers and new growth does not ruin the shape. As a pioneer plant, place one of these next to a baby Oak. It will provide the Oak tree with shade and protection throughout the year.

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