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Fuchsia Flower Gooseberry

Ribes speciosum


Fuchsia Flower Gooseberry is a medium sized, summer deciduous shrub that grows moderately and likes some part shade with extra moisture. This plant is extremely thorny. The leaves are a beautiful shape and color when emerging in the winter. The water droplets collect on the leaves which are really charming. The flowers emerge in January following the leaves and are a stunning red color that gives hummingbirds some early nectar.

In the garden, these are used as a security hedge and for bird attracting. These are not exactly the most practical plant. They will grow big quickly and require trimming, which is very tedious to clean up, since the spikes are so sharp. Youll need some tongs and will have to dispose in a sealed container. They also attract weeds at the base, which are near impossible to remove since the thorns are so prolific.

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