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Mule Fat

Baccharis salicifolia


Mule Fat is a medium to large, upright multi-trunked, semi-deciduous that is easy to grow, in poor to well draining soils, in high water conditions. Fast growth rate. Has medium, narrow, yellowish-green leaves with a pungent wetland smell. Loved by many pollinators for its year round blooms, which are insignificant.

In the garden, Mule Fat is rarely used, but can serve to be a very fast, tall growing plant that allows high visibility through it. Mule Fat should be pruned regularly to keep it looking neat and contained. Best to pick 3-5 main trunks that you want to keep and prune all other suckers. Cut the top of this plant down with a hedge trimmer. Bring it down to 5 feet every year and it will grow fresh.

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