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Ramona Lilac

Ceanothus tomentosus


Romona Lilac is a narrow growing shrub with blue, cone like flowers. It looks very similar to the San Diego Mountain Mahogany. The leaves are rounded and deep green, appearing sparks on the stems, especially in June, when half the leaves turn yellow and start to drop, leaving a very neat layer of natural mulch. This is a deciduous survival mechanism to withstand the hot, dry summers. creating a very airy, spacious screening affect which mostly shows the radish brown bark. In about You can see these in mass bloom late winter/early spring along the Southern California hillsides.

In the garden, Ramona Lilac is used as a slope stabilizer primarily. The blooms are stunning in mass, but just fair as a specimen. When using this plant, be sure to plant at least 3-7 in a mass about 5 feet from each other. They do best growing as a thicket. You can mix with other Lilacs such as the White Coast Lilac. This plant goes dormant in the Summer, so give it once a week water to keep it from going dormant. However, be sure that it has excellent drainage, or else it will get root rot and die.

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