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White Coast Lilac

Ceanothus verrucosus


White Coast Lilac is medium, upright multi-trunked, evergreen shrub that is easy to grow, in well draining soils, with moderate to low water conditions. Moderate growth rate. Has a plethora of small, smooth, rounded, deep green leaves. The stems of the plant have little “warts” but it isn’t noticeable from afar. These wild lilacs tend to grow in mass groves with other lilacs, about 5-10feet apart. The canopies intermingle. Spectacular blooms when grown in mass, but still decent when grown alone.

In the garden, White Coast Lilac can be used as a narrow screen, slope stabilizer, and ever backdrop for small spaces. You can mix with other Lilacs such as Ramona Lilac. This plant stays pretty evergreen but will drop leaves in the Summer. Once a week water will keep this plant happy. However, be sure that it has excellent drainage, or else it will get root rot and die. White Coast Lilac should be pruned it is growing too tall because it will topple over in the Winter when it collects lots of water on its leaves, the soil is soggy and the wind is blowing. To prune this, use a hedge trimmer to cut the top off around November or December. This will focus energy into the trunk and root and still allow it to flower in January and February.

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