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California Fuchsia

Epilobium canum

1-2' tall / 2-3' wide


California Fuchsia is a small, perennial plant that grows fast. The height of them range from tall to low. The leaves vary in color, but are most commonly grayish green. The striking red flowers emerge later in the Summer season. The entire plant will go dormant in the Winter, but will re-emerge in the spring.

In the garden, plant fuchsia amongst other native shrubs so that it can creep between and fill the spaces. Be sure to trim back the dead parts in the Winter, so that the fresh growth doesn't get over shadowed. Best to use a hedge trimmer or weed eater, cutting the entire thing to the floor. You can also step on it to break the beaches or just start pulling the branches with your hands (a few roots will come up but the plant will be fine).

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