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Common Yarrow

Achillea millefolium

1-3' tall / 1+ wide


Common Yarrow is a small, flat, low growing perennial herb that spreads by seed and rhizome. It does appreciate moisture. The leaves are dark green and soft, feathery and fern like. This one catches many eyes. The flowers are white and have flat tops. Great for bees and butterflies to land on. This plant will go dormant in the Summer if it doesn’t have enough water.

In the garden, this is used by everyone from you CA native plant enthusiast to your average lush gardener. Loves water, needs it to stay evergreen. Grows really well with grasses and in part-shaded areas. People really appreciate how small, low and soft it is. The flowers are charming and offer a great cottage, prairie look. Used in permaculture chop and drop seed mixes as well. Covers the ground, crowds out weeds and can be stepped on. Has a decent smell. Can be medicinal.

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