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Douglas Iris

Iris douglasiana

1-2' tall / 2-4' wide


Douglas Iris is a small grass that has deep green leathery leaves with soft points. This plant is found growing on the coast in foggy conditions. It loves optimum, drainage, and water to make it look happy. It also needs some part shade. The flowers are a light purple and are notoriously known.

In the garden, Pacific Coast hybrid is a very popular plant for its lush green leaves and it's stunning flowers. Sadly, the flowers do not last very long. Maybe a month max. This plant does grow in full shade with moisture, but in full sun, it looks terrible half of the year. If it is in full sun with dry conditions, it will probably die. This can be planted along streambeds, and along pathways, again, so long as it has consistent moisture, and some part shade.

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