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Hummingbird Sage

Salvia spathacea

1-2' tall / 3+' wide


Hummingbird Sage is a small, low growing perennial plant that grows fast with moisture and afternoon shade. The leaves are a light green, soft and wrinkly. They are sticky beaus they are full of a resin that smells amazing, like pineapple maybe. You won’t likely find this plant growing in the wild down here in San Diego, its more of a Central/Northern California plant. The flowers are a bright magenta that spiral out of a deep magenta stalk. Loved by hummingbirds

In the garden, this plant is used by CA native plant enthusiast and pollinator gardeners. It does attract hummingbirds if you can imagine that. We planted this on the North side of a building, near a window, with once a week watering (half inch). It does splendid there and the client loves the hummingbird show. She is a little annoyed how well it is growing though. It spreads by rhizome, so that can be a little frustrating. Easy to pluck out and move around. These are great fillers for under or around the drip line of Oak trees.

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