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Monkey Flower


2-3' tall / 2-4' wide


Monkey Flower are a small to medium sized shrub with medium green leaves. This plant can often be found in coastal Sage, scrub and chaparral communities. He can also be found growing out of the smallest cracks on the steepest slope you've ever seen. The flowers range from yellow to orange to red, and sometimes emerge in the winter, but are at their peak in the spring. you want find this plant growing very often in the summer drought, because at that point, it has gone summer dormant. It's favors very good drainage, basically pure decompose granite.

In the garden, Monkey Flower are used for their beautiful flowers. The size is also very appealing too. You can stick these plants in between more medium to large size shrubs, such as coastal, sunflower, sages, and buckwheats. Since they handle part shade as well, you can plant them under laminate, berries, lilacs, and even on the outskirts of oak tree, drip line. There are many cool varieties of Monkey Flower, our favorite is the Eleanor (which has light pastel yellow flowers with white centers, and is very garden tolerant. It grows larger than most, and takes to trimming well. It will sprout from the base expanding every year.) another cool variety is the sweet Susita (which is a deep, bright, solid red and is very garden tolerant. It grows a decent size, takes the trimming, well, and blooms prolifically. Much more than the straight species.) be sure not to overwater Monkey Flower in the summer, they will get root rot and die. These do best with a light watering of the leaves, but not a deep saturation. Again, make sure that the Monkey Flower have amazing drainage. Either grow them on a sloth or in for decompose granite. They will grow in clay and Lomb Soil's, but just put them on a mound so they can keep their feet dry.

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