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Narrowleaf Milkweed

Asclepias fascicularis

1-3' tall / 1+' wide


Narrow Leaf Milkweed is a small to medium, Winter dormant plant that grows very quickly and spreads profoundly where there is moisture. It can stay small on a hillside mixed with grasses and drought conditions. Each year it will spread through rhizomes and seeds.

In the garden, Narrow Leaf Milkweed is used exclusively for its ability to attract Monarch butterflies. The plant itself isn't that interesting or particularly beautiful. Most gardeners do not plant the native milkweed, they use the tropical one.. not just because it's beautiful orange & yellow flowers, but also for its more beautiful foliage. On top of that, they attract more Monarchs! There is a lot of controversy over using the non-native tropical Milkweed because there is some research to suggest that it upsets the migratory cycle of Monarchs and can spread disease, which leads to decreased Monarch populations. It's hard to say whether the pros out way the cons.

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