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Seaside Daisy

Erigeron glaucus

1' tall / 1-2' wide


Seaside Daisy is a small, low, flat growing perennial shrub that grows fast. The leaves are a soft, light green. The flowers are a dainty, flat, daisy shape with lavender purple petals and a yellow center. This plant is a coastal exclusive plant that likes optimum drainage and some moisture.

In the garden, this plant is used by everyone from your CA native plant enthusiast to your average lush gardener. Loves water, needs it to stay evergreen. A very feminine plant. Easy to maintain, just be sure to dead head often. The plant can be cut to shape. Can be a small scale ground cover. Likes full sun to part shade, just needs the water to keep it happy. Give it some mulch too. Maybe fertilizer if you’re into that. Place with Common Yarrow, Red Buckwheat, and other pretty things. I recommend the variety called Erigeron ‘WR’ .. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH Erigeron Wayne Roderick. They are different. ‘WR’ is best.

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