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Showy Penstemon

Penstemon spectabilis

2-4' tall / 3-4' wide


Showy Penstemon is a small to medium sized, summer semi-deciduous shrub that grows erect and quickly. Each year it will get bigger growing from the base and spreading out. Sometimes by flopping over. The leaves are a long, soft pointed medium green. The flowers are a tubular bright purple with pinkish tones. This plant is loved by hummingbirds and bees alike. The native bees love to crawl their way inside of it.

In the garden, this plant is used in-between other native shrubs for a pop of color during the Spring. Not a super long bloomer. Cut back after it blooms. Put behind plants such as Coast Sunflower and Monkey Flowers. I often think this plant doesn’t bloom long enough. Spectacular when it does though. A good long bloom alternative is Nightshade. Handles drought but grows fastest with supplemental water. Too much water will cause it to split and flop.

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