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Southern Maiden Hair Fern

Adiantum capillus-veneris

1-2' tall / 2-3' wide


Southern Maiden Hair Fern is small, clumping fern plant that grows fast with moisture. The leaves are light green, soft, dainty, and pretty. The stems and leaves emerge from cool spirals from the rhizome. The plant is clumping. It is rare to find this plant in nature.

In the garden, this plant is pretty rare. I have one growing on the North side of a building that gets no direct sun ever. It is doing amazing. This spot gets once a week watering and has great drainage. This helps a lot. Great for that shady part of your garden. Its hard to find in the nursery. I do have some I could share. Hard to propagate. Needs to be the right time of year and needs the right conditions too.

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