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Yerba Mansa

Anemopsis californica

1' tall / 2+' wide


Yerba Mansa is a small, low growing herbaceous plant. The leaves are a matte light green and feel almost leathery. Has fuzzy hairs on the bottom of leaves. This grows almost exclusively in very moist areas such as stream beds, marshes, wetlands and even on the slopes near the beach. It sends out trailing runners that root where they land. They create little clones of themselves, colonizing an area that is moist enough. The plant does go dormant in the late Summer, especially if the water dries up and there’s a drought. Comes back when the rains come.

In the garden, this plant is used by CA native plant enthusiast. Some herbalist grow this as well, because there is some research to suggest that Yerba Mansa is extremely healthy, full of antioxidants. Pretty cool plant that grows in full shade as well.

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