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Menzies' Goldenbush

Isocoma menziesii

2-4' tall / 4-6' wide


Menzies Golden Bush is a small to medium sized evergreen shrub, with green leaves that are serrated but not sharp. This plant is very drought tolerant but grows well with irrigation as well. The flowers are small and deep yellow. This plant is often taller than it is wide. The blooms emerge in late summer too early fall, around the same time as buckwheat and fuchsia. Similar to buckwheat, they attract the most interesting native bees you've never seen. This plant seeds readily so be sure to transplant those.

In the garden, Menzies golden bush, is used as a slope, stabilizer, pollinator, habitat, plant, and a very drought tolerant shrub for a rock garden. This plant takes really well to hedge trimming, and we recommend that you do that at least once a year hedge trimming all the way down to about 1 to 2 feet. If you find that the plant is too tall after the Spring growth, be sure to give it a trim prior to the Summer blooms.

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