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Munz's Sage

Salvia munzii

2-3' tall / 3-4' wide


Munz’s Sage is a small, summer semi-deciduous shrub that grows moderately. This is basically a smaller version of Black Sage, with a sweeter smeller and a more purple flower. This plant is very rare in the sense that it is only found growing naturally in a small pockets of South County San Diego. Loved by bees and maybe a hummingbird if they are desperate.

In the garden, these are used for slope stabilization and pollinator attraction. Also used by collectors of native plants. If you’re trying to create a local Coastal Sage Scrub garden and you don’t have room for a Black Sage, consider using Munz’s Sage instead. Give it supplemental water, or else you will definitely have a dormant, weird looking shrub. Just like Black Sage.

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