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Palmer's Indian Mallow

Abutilon palmeri

3-6' tall / 3-6' wide


Indian Palmer’s Mallow is a small to medium, evergreen shrub that grows quickly. It loves some moisture when it has optimum drainage. The leaves are a gray green and are wide and fuzzy. It is known as the dog ear plant by some. The flowers are a charming yellow/orange and they stand on wispy stalks. Loved by our native bees. It may die back to the ground in a frost, but will bounce back fresh.

In the garden, this plant is used for its slope stabilizing and pollinator habitat. It is also aesthetically pleasing in a Western garden or a pollinator habitat garden. Pretty common plant that is growing in popularity. Feel free to hedge trim when ever you like to keep the size you like. The shape is rounded and relatively neat. The leaves grow in so it doesn’t appear super woody. Often paired with Cleveland Sage, Verbena, and Fuchsia. Just a great pop of color and all around pretty plant.

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