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Verbena 'De La Mina'

Verbena lilacina

2-3' tall / 3-4' wide


Verbena De La Mina is a small evergreen shrub with medium green leaves that have a unique shape, almost frilly, lacy and fern like. While this plant is not technically a California native, it does grow in Baja California, which is not very far. The flowers are a pastel lavender purple, and can be found with many bees and butterflies on it.

In the garden this plant is very popular because it can handle consistent water, but also drought conditions. The more water it gets, the more it will all flower and grow. If it does not get consistent water, it may go summer dormant, but will likely come back in the cooler rainy season. This is a great plant for a long pathways and's in rock gardens and on slopes as well. Use this with pink, white, and purple flowers to provide a feminine aesthetic.

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