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Bright Green Dudleya

Dudleya virens ssp. hassei

1' tall / 3-4' wide


Bright Green Dudleya is a medium sized, evergreen succulent that grows fast. The leaves are gray, sometimes gray green. Not sure why they call it Bright Green Dudleya. Ive purchased this plant with different growing habits. Some looking like a Chalk Dudleya, others looking like Lady Fingers Dudleya. Found growing on Catalina Island and in a small location near Long Beach. Does this mean Catalina broke off from there at some point?

In the garden, this may be one of the most common native succulents. It could be used in non-native gardens too, that’s how pretty this thing is. It stays lush with water. Can be easily spread around, just break off a limb and stick in the ground. Another native plant to impress the hipster niece.

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