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Chalk Dudleya

Dudleya pulverulenta

1' tall / 1' wide


Chalk Dudleya is a small sized, Summer semi-deciduous succulent that grows moderate to fast. The shape is a rosette. These can often be found throughout San Diego County, growing on steep, rocky slopes. Can also be found along steep slopes off the side of the road, because the grading which has been done to produce the road, has also produced the perfect environment for Chalk Dudleya. The foliage is a beautiful gray silver with a white chalky substance resting at the center. If in full sun, it will shrivel up and be dormant throughout Summer. It will appear lush again, once the rains begin.

In the garden, Chalk Dudleya can be used in rock gardens and inside stream beds. Just make sure you plant this so it has optimum drainage. If the roots stay too saturated it will rot and die. Also, be sure to plant this at an angle, because if water gets at the center rosette and isn’t angled enough to drain that water, it will also rot and die. Even with water, it tends to look semi-dormant in the summer. If you want a more evergreen succulent that is relatively native, try the Giant Chalk Dudleya, which is from Baja California.

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