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Chaparral Yucca

Hesperoyucca whipplei

2-3' tall / 2-3' wide


Chaparral Yucca is a medium sized, evergreen dicot with gray leaves. A moderate to fast grower. This plant is easy to grow and can handle some of the harshest droughts. Sometimes it can be found growing out of rock outcrops with nearly no soil. Be aware, that the leaves are very pointy sharp. The plant can live 5-15 years. When the plant is ready to die, it shoots up a stunning stalk full of cream colored flowers that attracts the most interesting native bees. This plant also holds the name "Our Lord's Candle" which is very fitting, since the flower stock is very glorious and shines as a beacon amid the deep green planted chaparral.

In the garden, chaparral yucca is typically found in rock gardens. Be sure not to plant near pathways or sidewalks. Giving it plenty of space to spread out. You can cut the pointed ends off if you wish, but it looks better with them on. This plant can actually handle decent amount of shade and moisture.

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