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Lady Fingers

Dudleya edulis

1' tall / 1' wide


Lady Fingers Dudleya is a small, clumping, evergreen succulent that grows moderate to fast. The leaves are gray green to light green and softly pointed. Such a cool little plant that is found along the coast and sometimes inland, hanging from steep slopes.

In the garden, Lady Fingers is loved by CA native plant enthusiast. It offers a great, small scale ground cover below shrubs like Manzanita, Lilac, and well, any plant with a small canopy really. The plant is fun, soft, does well it pots, in shaded areas. They look like little zombie fingers crawling out of the ground. Would make a great gift for your hipster niece that likes plants but tends to kill them all. Can be mixed and matched with Sticky Dudleya (which is a more rare, light green version of Lady Fingers with some added pink, a sticky resin that smells like candy). Also mix with the Island Bright Green Dudleya for a range of finger looking succulents. Handles irrigation well. Break off a piece in the Winter and stick in the ground. Youll have a new plant.

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