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Sticky Dudleya

Dudleya viscida

1' tall / 1' wide


Sticky Dudleya is a small, clumping, Summer semi-deciduous succulent that is very rare. The leaves are light green and have a resin that smells like some delicious candy. The flowers are a beautiful light pink that match the leaves well. It's basically a more interesting Lady Fingers. This plant can be found growing on steep slopes and out of rock cracks in very limited parts of San Diego County.

In the garden, this plant is loved by CA native plant enthusiast. It's sort of like a collectors item, or a trophy to strike conversation or show how or where you are of rare plants. This can also be used in a rock garden, or as a small groundcover, when mixed with other similar succulents like Dudleya edulis or Dudleya virens var hasseii. A nice little gift for your favorite native plant enthusiast friend who will appreciate it. Can be grown in pots.

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