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Blue Elderberry

Sambucus mexicana

20-30' tall / 20-30' wide


Blue Elderberry is a large, densely branched, semi-deciduous shrub/tree that is easy to grow in a variety of soils. Grows quickly so long as there is moderate-high water conditions. Found near roadsides where soil is disturbed and moisture congregates. Birds love this plant because of how dense and shrubby it is. Not a neat plant, the branches are plentiful and unorganized, which makes this a great protection plant for the birds. They also love the berries which ripen in the late Spring to early Summer.

In the garden, Elderberry is commonly used for its bird attracting qualities or for its ability to be a small tree. However, it can be quite scraggly, messy and unsightly in the drier months of the year, so it isn’t recommended unless it consistently pruned and receives adequate water. Suckers should be removed, low branches should be lifted. A super fast growing shrub but pretty dang messy with all its falling twigs, leaves and berries.

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