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Western Redbud

Cercis occidentalis

15-20' tall / 10-15' wide


Western Redbud is a multi-trunked large shrub or small tree that grows moderate to fast (very fast with supplemental irrigation). In its natural, mountainous environment, this plant goes winter deciduous. Fluorescent reddish leaves emerge in the Spring along with thousands of tiny magenta pink flowers. The leaves will quickly change to a fluorescent light green and then will mature into a grayish green by Summer. The Fall color of the leaves provide some decent color and interest.

In the garden, this plant will probably skip dormancy unless you're pretty far inland. Make sure to knock the leaves off for the best appearance. Best to start your Redbud from a 1 Gallon sized plant, even though it will look very small. The seed pods are prolific and will also need to be removed for best appearance. Some people recommend a tennis racket, broom or stick. If your goal is to have a small tree, select 3-5 main trunks and encourage those to grow. Then, be sure to remove all of the suckers that pop up through the Summer growing season.

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