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Western Sycamore

Platanus racemosa

50-100' tall / 20-50' wide


Western Sycamore is a large, winter deciduous tree that grows very quickly. This is actually one of our fastest growing native plants. These are riparian plants, meaning they grow in the streams and seasonal creeks, so be sure to give lots and lots of water to get them established and keep them healthy.

In the garden, these are used as shade trees, street trees, and habitat attraction since butterflies lay eggs on the leaves and birds like to perch up high. Be sure to gives these trees plenty of room to grow. The can be trimmed very easily and often, and should if you want to keep it contained. Be aware that the leaves do emit fine hairs that can upset your nasal passages, lungs and eyes. The seed pods are not too danger, but be sure to clean them up. Leaves will be a chore in the winter, but can be used as mulch in other parts of the garden.

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