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California Grape

Vitis californica

10-40' long


California Grape is a long growing deciduous vine with large serrated leaves that turn from light green to yellow in the Autumn. The plant grows fast to very fast in the Spring, especially when it is near a water source. These can be found in seasonal or year round creeks throughout California. They climb up Oak trees and Sycamores. They also act as a ground cover. Great for crowding out weeds. The trees don’t seem to mind, I don’t think its invasive.

In the garden, this plant can be used as a specimen or a seasonal ground cover. I have mine growing up a stone wall and above the driveway. It grows so fast that it is kind of a nuisance. The biggest mistake gardeners make when planting this, is that they do not trim or shape it. Trust me, this plant will not care where you cut it, so just cut it into shape. Ideally you will have one main truck and just a few branches that you can keep an eye on. Cut off anything that gets too unruly. There is a hybrid called Rodgers Red that puts on an absolutely spectacular Autumn display of deep, fiery red.

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