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Heartleaf Penstemon

Keckiella cordifolia

4-6' tall / 4-6' wide


Heartleaf Penstemon is a medium growing Summer deciduous vine or shrub with heart shaped leaves that are deep green and wrinkled. This plant goes loses its leaves in the Summer heat after the Spring blooms. The flowers are a deep read and look like snake heads. The hummingbirds adore this plant, but it doesn’t bloom very long. It is often found growing in Coastal Sage Scrub or Chaparral plant communities. Will be seen sprawling over other plants, on northing facing slopes or areas that are shaded.

In the garden, this plant is used by CA native plant enthusiast. It adds a very little pop of color and some conversational interest, but its not very easy to grow and not profound enough to hunt down. If you find one and feel like experimenting, it can add a fun touch of the wild to your garden. If you want something similar but more evergreen and interesting, plant Galvezia speciosa.

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