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Peritoma arborea

3-6' tall / 6' wide


Bladderpod is a small to medium, semi-deciduous shrub that grows moderately. It tends to do better near moisture conditions but with optimum drainage. Can be found growing in sandy coastal conditions, but can also be found growing in dryer conditions such as Temecula. The smell of this plant is not so pleasant. That’s why it has the name “Bladderpod”. Still a cool plant, absolutely loved by hummingbirds and bees. It blooms most of the year, has a decent leaf color and branch structure.

In the garden, this plant is used mostly for its pollinator habit. Also makes a great slope stabilizer. It’s also considered rare, so many native plant enthusiast use this as a collectors plant. Again, not the best smelling plant, so maybe use this in the background. It grows taller than most of the smaller shrubs, so it will do great back there. Seeds readily, so be ready to transplant or pluck up.

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