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Canyon Sunflower

Venegasia carpesioides

2-3' tall / 3-4' wide


Canyon Sunflower is a medium shrub with light green leaves that are medium sized, papery, delicate and softly pointed. This plant grows moderate to fast and does best with consistent watering. It's often found in semi shaded areas that retain moisture. A rare plant not found often. The flowers are a decent size and almost all yellow.

In the garden, this is used on east and north facing slopes with moisture. It tends to grow a little rangy and flops over, so be sure to trim or pinch into shape. Each year it will send up new suckers which should be encouraged to grow for a more full and lush look. Without moisture it will go dormant and may die back, but don't pull it out, it will likely sprout new growth from the base in the spring.

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