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Coast Sunflower

Encelia californica

2-4' tall / 4-6' wide


Coast Sunflower is a medium sized shrub with medium green colored leaves that are softly pointed. Very fast growing shrub and seeds readily. It can grow larger with more water. As with most coastal Sage scrub plants, this goes semi-dormant in the summer, looking like a bramble. The stems are brittle making this plant easy to prune by just snapping off branches. This plant wants to be a rounded shrub but will grow half or a quarter of its potential if given the chance. It just wants to grow grow grow. The flowers appear almost year round so long as water is provided. Bees love the daisy like flowers.

In the garden, this plant is used as a slope stabilizer and pollinator attractor. Can be placed anywhere you want a quick fill. Be ready to remove lots of baby plants, because this plant spreads prolifically and tends to dominate if left unchecked. Can be pruned with a hedge trimmer to any size you want, so long as you consistently keep it there. Or you can completely trim it to the ground to invoke fresh new growth. Sometimes used a pioneer plant, which just means it will provide shade and protection to your larger shrubs such as Lilacs or Oak trees.

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