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San Diego Sunflower

Bahiopsis laciniata

2-4' tall / 3-5' wide


San Diego Sunflower is a medium shrub with medium green leaves that are small and slightly wavy. Very fast growing shrub and seeds readily. Grows fast, stays green and blooms prolifically with extra water, so long as it's not in standing water. Typically found in more arid, rocky, inland environments throughout San Diego. Hundreds of little daisy like flowers that attract lots of butterflies.

In the garden, this plant is used as a slope stabilizer and for pollinator habitat. Adds a great pop of yellow. You’ll have tons of bees and skipper butterflies bouncing from flower to flower. We recommend trimming this plant often to encourage new growth. Can be pruned all the way to the ground for a restart. Can be kept any size you like. Seeds readily so be ready to pluck them up, move them around, give to friends, or just toss away when you’ve had your fill.

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