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White Sage

Salvia apiana

3-5' tall / 4-6' wide


White sage is a medium shrub with gray leaves that are softly pointed. It grows moderate to fast with extra water, but be sure to give it plenty of drainage and time to dry out. This sage is usually found more inland where the soil is rocky and the sun is hot. One of the most popular California native plants. Flowers emerge in the summer on long, hallowed out stems that can reach 3-4ft high. The native bees are notorious for nesting in the flower stalks that fall. Flowers are tiny, white and loved by bees as well.

In the garden this plant can be found on slopes and in fast draining, nutrient poor. soils. White Sage is often purchased by new age millennials who want to be spiritual and stuff. Caution: do not use this to cast the demons out of your home, it will only make it worse. It smells amazing! It's pretty easy to grow and can get quite large. We recommend pruning it back to a well organized branching trunk in the summer or fall. This will promote more of a uniform growth the following year. Avoid planting this too close to a pathway (unless you want to be woker than your neighbor)..the flower stocks tend to grow quite long and will flop over into the path. We often prune half of the flower stocks that emerge, to keep the plant lighter and to avoid branch splitting.

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